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Bavdhan Residents Express Concern as Cracks Emerge on Newly Inaugurated Chandani Chowk Flyover in Pune

Pune, The excitement surrounding the recently inaugurated Chandani Chowk Flyover in Pune has turned into worry for Bavdhan residents as visible cracks have begun to develop on the structure. This stunning piece of infrastructure, designed to alleviate traffic congestion in the area, is now raising safety concerns among locals.

The flyover, which was inaugurated with much fanfare just a few months ago, was intended to be a solution to the growing traffic woes around Chandani Chowk. However, reports of cracks appearing on the surface and some parts of the structure have triggered apprehension among residents and commuters alike.

The cracks on the flyover were first noticed by vigilant residents who use the bridge on a daily basis. Concerned citizens have taken to social media to share pictures and videos of the deteriorating condition, which quickly caught the attention of local authorities.

Local resident Ramesh Sharma expressed his concern, stating, “It’s alarming to see cracks on the flyover that is supposed to make our daily commute easier. We need immediate action to ensure our safety while using this bridge.”

Chandani Chowk Flyover was envisioned as a vital infrastructure project aimed at easing traffic congestion and reducing travel time for residents in the Bavdhan area. As the investigation into the cracks unfolds, it remains to be seen how this issue will affect the functionality of the flyover and the safety of those who rely on it.

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